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Hollow 125

Modular Lighting Instruments

Hollow 115 Trimless

Modular Lighting Instruments
Why This Light

Present, not present

One design, invisible and visible. It can hide, be one with the environment, showing nothing but glowing cavities. It can stick out playfully, casting light in an ocean of space. Hollow is a surprise and won’t be revealed until you touch.

Rediscover light with Hollow’s marvellous, unusual adjustability. Hollow’s smooth rotation system slides open to let you choose a 90°, 60° or 45° angle, or anything else in between. Powerful beam, soft glow, discreet light.

Experiment with colours and use the cup’s inner glow as an additional light source. Gold for a warm, cosy mood maker. White, for a decisive indirect light effect. Black, for a stronger presence, but with softer, indirect light.

Handpicked Lights

Kogel Track 48V

Modular Lighting Instruments
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Kogel Surface

Modular Lighting Instruments
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Minude Track 48V

Modular Lighting Instruments
2x Product Options

Medard Track 48V

Modular Lighting Instruments
The Brand

Modular produce unique lighting fusing cutting-edge technology with a passion for design

For nearly 40 years, Modular Lighting Instruments has been a true pioneer in the world of architectural lighting. The company have put their stamp on the sector with their gutsy campaigns, bold designs and innovative technology, setting themselves apart from the mass market.

Modular’s research and development team, comprised of lighting engineers and designers, consistently anticipates new technology trends, allowing the company to develop high-end and high-performing products. Modular’s own engineering design has delivered feature such as a bionic heatsink, leaf springs and reflectors to improve installation ease, paving the way for the lighting industry. Often copied but seldom equalled, Modular Lighting Instruments are leaders in the sector.

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Our team connects creativity with engineering.

We support the seen and the often invisible infrastructure of lighting technology, bringing imagination to light in projects across Australia.