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Patera 600

Louis Poulsen

Patera 900

Louis Poulsen
Why This Light

A modern take on the classic chandelier

The pendant is a glowing sphere built up of small diamond-shaped cells. Each cell is carefully designed to capture light and to shield the light source from the viewing angles above 45 degrees. Each cell glows. Below 45 degrees, the fields are open to direct light downwards. A small amount of light is also sent upwards to illuminate the ceiling.

The Patera pendant was designed by Øivind Slaatto in 2015 as a modern take on the classic chandelier, bringing a glowing focal point and soft, dynamic illumination to contemporary spaces. The Patera’s glare-free, 360-degree illumination is the result of an intricate design with differently positioned cells that bathe surrounding spaces, people, and objects in natural, even, and flattering light. The form is beautiful to behold from all angles, its Fibonacci sequence-based structure providing a different impression from every vantage point. A single Patera creates a luminous focal point. A series of them – staggered or aligned, in one size or all three – creates the sense of magic we feel when we look up at the starry sky.

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Flindt Garden

Louis Poulsen
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LP Grand Suspended

Louis Poulsen
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Flindt Bollard

Louis Poulsen

OE Quasi

Louis Poulsen
The Brand

Simple and beautiful design.

True to Scandinavian design traditions, form follows function is a driving tenet of Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen. The form of each product is not designed for its shape but for its ability to shape the light it gives. The origin of this principle can be traced to Poul Henningsen’s three-shade system, an iconic Poulsen piece that encapsulates the dualities of light and form.

In close partnership with designers, architects and other talents including Arne Jacobsen,Verner Panton,Oivind Slaatto, Alfred Homann, Oki Sato and Louise Campbell, Louis Poulsen are a leading global manufacturer of architectural and decorative lighting. Each Louis Poulsen piece is underpinned by a glare-free approach, where the fittings reflect, reveal, expose and absorb light to create beauty and ambience.

Established in 1874.

Our team connects creativity with engineering.

We support the seen and the often invisible infrastructure of lighting technology, bringing imagination to light in projects across Australia.