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Why This Light

Cheap and simple its the default in residential applications.

No additional wiring, standard active, neural and earth. The dimmer simply “chops” or “cuts” the voltage phase going to the LED driver. The dimmer is connected to the active line. Cheap and simple its the default in residential applications. The Diginet dimmers are Australian designed and considered the among the best available, but .....Many LED drivers are capable of phase-cut dimming, “capable” being the operative word!Just because they are “capable” does not mean they will work every time, every dim level and every way you expect. Expect as minimum.

Flickering LEDs - Poor dimming performance – LEDs don’t dim or do not dim to the level you want - LEDs pop off at low levels - Large jumps or steps in light output when dimming Lights flashing around 10pm due to hot water load switching. This is the time you home, restaurant or bar lights will be dimmed – be warned There are millions of combinations of LED drivers, LED phase-cut dimmers and LED lamps / fixtures making compatibility an issue. Our position is “DO NOT dim LEDs with phase-cut” if you do, expect problems. Our warranty will not cover dimming performance, if the driver and fixture operates on a standard on/off switched circuit it is deemed as working correctly.

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