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Spanning two floors in Capital Square Tower 2

BDO’s new workplace crafts an organic, interconnected and diversified sensibility to support the public accounting firm and its people. Drawing on elements of Satoshi Kanazawa’s ‘Savanna Principle,’ the workplace offers spaces of privacy, pause or quietness, considered moments of refuge, and spaces of collaboration and connection.

BDO’s striking reception, finished with perforated mirror ceilings, creates a bold impression on arrival. Orluna Suri downlights with black, low glare baffles are custom mounted above the feature ceiling, providing soft general illumination while maintaining an uninterrupted ceiling plane. A dramatic, rippled-mirror reception desk is offset by Louis Poulsen NJP task lamps, providing functional task lighting in a sculptural housing.

The adjacent business lounge combines diffuse and accent lighting to create a layered lighting effect. Modular Lighting Shellby fittings create soft general illuminance, while Modular Lighting Hollow fittings accent the room’s high level joinery. A rebated B4 S15 LED strip gently illuminates the kitchenette, offering effective task lighting while enhancing the textured finish of the stone. A bespoke, B4 pendant illuminates the stair and circular void beyond, creating a tiered, vertical arrangement of lights that visually link the two levels. The pendant creates a 360-degree diffuse glow to the building’s core, highlighting its striking double-height volume, curved forms and battened stair detailing.

How did we approach this unique challenge?

The workplace’s multi-purpose and small meeting rooms are fitted with LP Slim surface luminaires, limiting the number of service channels to reduce visual clutter. In the multi-purpose room, the lights create uniform horizontal illuminance when the space is reconfigured for larger, ‘town hall’ meetings, while offering high level vertical illuminance for the display of written or visual content on operable walls. The concealment of the fittings in service channels allows for intimate, low-light scenes to be created for social events, imparting a feeling of ambience and mood.

Modupoint Minude Adjustable Spotlights with tight, 25° optics define wayfinding paths throughout the work floors, adjusted to illuminate the top of staff lockers. Modupoint Jack fittings are carefully set between perforated ceiling junctions, allowing for a coordinated and well-resolved ceiling arrangement. In the social kitchen, Roxo Talea Pendants float above the island bench; a horizontal light rod that crafts a synergetic dialogue with the vertical stair pendant. B4 S15 LED lights wash the back bench with task lighting, accentuating the cabinetry’s rich, terracotta hue.

Refined yet approachable, BDO Capital Square reflects the company’s boldness, commitment to quality and sense of fun. Each touchpoint yields its own identity and experience, inviting staff and visitors on a layered journey – open and intuitive, with a feeling of clarity throughout.

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