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“Give us something that scares us a little and excites us a lot!”

This sound bite was the overarching driver for the design of Architecture and Interior Design powerhouse Greenbox’s new studio space. Located in Pitt Street, Sydney, the studio builds on an existing fitout, showcasing Greenbox’s commitment to environmental sustainability by thoughtfully mitigating unnecessary demolition and waste.

Greenbox values connectivity – within its internal team, external clients and consultants, and the broader design community – and therefore sought a workspace that would facilitate human interaction and offer a feeling of intimacy for staff and visitors. 

The breakout area champions this idea. Encompassing a fully functioning kitchen and bar with an oversized dining table, the space encourages the team to come together, dwell and dine. An intentional social connector, the space embodies a warm, tactile, and rich colour palette, imparting a comfortable, residential quality. 

The importance of connection

Marbul fittings by Modular Lighting are surface mounted over the kitchen and bar area, while a series of the same fitting are suspended in a linear format over the centreline of the dining table. Designed to easily integrate into existing infrastructure, the luminaire houses fully integrated technology within its body while allowsing users to manipulate the direction of light with a simple twist. 

Building on the importance of connection, Greenbox designed a front bar and gallery space to house company events. Intended to spark conversation and interest from visitors to the studio, Greenbox has illuminated their striking collection of original artworks with quality Marbul fittings.

To futureproof the space and allow the collection to evolve over time, these fittings can be rotated 360 degrees and inclined approximately 45 degrees to suit various gallery arrangements. Mounted on a Pista rail, the luminaires can slide seamlessly within the extents of the gallery space, affording further adjustability.

With a ‘less is more’ approach, the Greenbox studio embodies an authentic approach to sustainability, tangibly expressing the studio’s guiding values. The result is a restrained, soft and inclusive workplace environment that welcomes all who visit. 

The original brief from the Greenbox Directors was, 'Give us something that scares us a little and excites us a lot!'. Shery Baradaran Interior Designer @ Greenbox Architecture
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