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Harmoniously integrating heritage and innovation, Locomotive Workshop crafts a vibrant, mixed-use destination combining hospitality, retail, corporate and wellness functions. Working with a significant 1880’s industrial building at the heart of the historic South Eveleigh Railway Yards precinct, the development is enlivened by meticulous architectural lighting that balances aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

The building’s strong, functional form and landmark quality is thoughtfully accentuated though light. Lumino V20S, a compact linear fitting, gently grazes the rugged brick and iron facade, highlighting the building’s time-honoured textures and finely preserved architectural details. The luminaire’s high colour rendering index conveys the facade’s true colour at night, ensuring a consistent and captivating representation of the historic architecture.

Internally, the workshop’s sensitive conversion and adaptive re-use continues to honour its industrial legacy. With precise light distribution, excellent glare control and a shallow recess depth, Meyer In Ground Uplight 180 fittings effectively highlight a series of significant architectural features, including the building’s armature of steel structural columns.

A valued assemblage of original gantries, machines and industrial equipment is skilfully lit as a dramatic backdrop to the development’s bustling food and beverage offer. Endo 3000 Cylinder Track Spotlights offer full adjustability and optimal light distribution to suit the mixed program of uses. Varied beam options enable general and accent lighting to be delivered in a single fitting, while honeycomb louvres ensure visual comfort.

 Balanced by contemporary interventions, including 3D projections, graphics and displays, Locomotive Workshop brings interactivity and a renewed purpose to the historic site, continuing the legacy of one of NSW’s most significant heritage buildings. Immersive in its expression, Locomotive Workshop embraces unique methods of storytelling to deliver a place-specific cultural hub – a celebration of history, accessible to all.

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